M.D., CEO, CNSDose

Ajeet is an Australian Psychiatrist and Pharmacogeneticist. He received his medical degree, masters, and doctorate from The University of Melbourne. His doctoral and post-doctoral work focused on blood-brain-barrier pharmacogenetics. Ajeet is an academic member of CPIC and member of the ISPG special taskforce on genetic tests in Psychiatry. He recently published the first positive RCT for precision antidepressants, seeking to commercialize this through his start-up CNSDose. Ajeet is an early investor in and member of the Advisory Board for lifeletters.com, and is an Associate Professor at the Deakin School of Medicine. He remains passionate about improving patient outcomes through tailored care.


CNSDose – Genetically Guided Antidepressants

350 million people globally suffer major depression.1 in 10 adults now take antidepressants. Months (sometimes years) of trial and error antidepressant prescribing impede outcomes. CNSDose is the first pharmacogenetic report clinically validated by peer-reviewed journal published randomized controlled trial. Replication by tenure track academics has been completed, anticipated publication mid-2016.

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