Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco, Medical Director, Clinical Pharmacogenomics, San Francisco General Hospital, Section Chief, Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology

Alan H.B. Wu, Ph.D., is Chief of Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology at San Francisco General Hospital and Professor of Laboratory Medicine, University of California, San Francisco.  He received a Ph.D. degree in analytical chemistry at the University of Illinois and fellowship training from Hartford Hospital.  He is certified by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry

Dr. Wu has research and clinical programs in pharmacogenomics in clinical pharmacogenomics.  Among the areas of interest include pharmacogenomics for anticoagulants, especially warfarin, chemotherapeutics, antiplatelet drugs, and drugs that can induce hypersensitivity reactions (abacavir, anticonvulsants).  

Dr. Wu has written three books for the public, “Toxicology! Because What You Don’t Know Can Kill You”, “The Hidden Assassin. When Clinical Lab Tests Go Awry,” and “Microbiology! Because What You Don’t Know Will Kill You.”  These are collection of short stories involving real cases and highlight the importance of clinical laboratory tests for the lay audience.


Promoting Pharmacogenomics to the Public

This is a critical time for healthcare as the budget cuts are expected in the near future.  One effective means of promoting pharmacogenomics is to translate clinical cases into meaningful stories that the public can relate to.  Unless more of this is done, pharmacogenomics will not be clinically implemented.

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