Ph.D., Head of Research and Nonclinical Development, 
Shire Pharmaceuticals

Albert is a human geneticist with more than 17 years of scientific and leadership experience in drug discovery and development. Albert joined Shire in April of 2011 and currently he is the Head of Research and Nonclinical Development (RNCD) at Shire. He is accountable for the strategy and operational direction of the RNCD Organization and has the responsibility for initiating new internal research programs, external partnerships to enrich the R&D portfolio, and transitioning programs from Research into Development. Prior to joining Shire, Albert held various leadership positions at Pfizer where his team applied human genetics and computational biology to discover and develop novel therapeutics targeting diabetes, inflammatory diseases, and cancer. Albert received his Ph.D. in Human Genetics at the University of Pittsburgh, an MS in Molecular Genetics from Johns Hopkins University and his BA in Biology from the University of Delaware.


Unique Challenges to Discover and Develop Novel Therapeutics

There are more than 7000 rare diseases, yet the majority of these have no therapies to address the significant unmet medical need.  Technological advances in therapeutic modalities coupled with significant progress in characterizing disease causation at the molecular level are leading to innovative therapies in rare disease.

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