M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine and Genetics, Stanford University

Dr. Bhatt is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Genetics at Stanford University. A 2014 ASH Scholar and 2014 Amy Strelzer Manasevit Award Winner, she seeks to improve outcomes in patients with hematological malignancies by exhaustively characterizing the dynamics of the microbiome in immunocompromised individuals, and exploring how changes in the microbiome are associated with idiopathic diseases ( She currently leads a translational laboratory group in the at Stanford University.


Session: The Microbiome - A Modifiable Biomarker?

In perpetual awe of how 'simple' microbial organisms can perturb complex, multicellular eukaryotic organisms, our research program seeks to inspect, characterize and dissect the microbe-human interface. Infectious and environmental exposures result in drastic and sometimes fatal health consequences. Dr. Bhatt will describe how her group uses modern genetic, molecular and computational techniques to better understand host-microbe interactions and decipher how perturbation of these interactions may result in human disease.

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