M.D., Ph.D., Founder & Director, Open Medicine Institute (OMI)

Andreas Kogelnik, MD, PhD is founder and Director of OMI and a practicing physician. Prior to OMI, Dr. Kogelnik founded two companies and a non-profit organization. Having received his MD from Emory University, a PhD in Bioengineering from Georgia Tech, and completing his medical residency and fellowship at Stanford, he has been centrally involved in the information and genomic revolutions in medicine. He has served as an advisor/consultant to many Silicon Valley biotech and IT organizations including Epocrates, Counsyl, the Fogarty Institute for Innovation, and the El Camino Hospital Genomic Medicine Institute.


Metabolomic Profiling - Leading Towards the Elucidation of Complex Disease

Using metabolomics to understand complex chronic illness is bringing new light to these poorly understood conditions.   Such profiling of diseases can uncover diagnostic characteristics and point towards novel therapeutic directions.  Metabolomics can also be used as a tool for complex disease.

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