Ph.D., Director of Science, DNAnexus

Andrew is a bioinformatician with expertise in genomics, proteomics, and machine learning. He received Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Physics from the University of Virginia. He went to Stanford for his PhD in Molecular Biology, where he worked on characterizing the physical structure of the plant cell wall and the genes associated with its synthesis. After his PhD, he took a postdoc as a computational biologist working at Lawrence Berkeley Labs where he constructed machine learning models to understand and predict post-translational modifications of proteins and to improve identification of mass-spectrometry fragments.


Genomics in the Next Five Years

In this talk, we will share our experience working with our partners in projects which push the scalability of existing algorithms at the 100,000s exome or 10,000s genome scale. We highlight the limitations of current technology that these approaches have exposed and examine several approaches to overcome them.

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