Co-Director, Complex Adaptive Systems
Director, National Biomarker Development Alliance (NBDA)
Professor, School of Life Sciences Arizona State University

Dr. Barker creates transformative knowledge networks such as the NBDA, whose mission is to create standards-based end-to-end systems for biomarker discovery and development.  She was previously the Deputy Director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), leading several trans-disciplinary programs such as the Nano technology Alliance for Cancer and The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA); and co-chaired the NCI-FDA Interagency Task Force and the Cancer Steering Committee of the FNIH Biomarker Consortium.  She was a seniorscientist and seniorexecutive atBattelle MemorialInstitute and co-founder of apublicbiotechnologycompany prior to joining NCI.Her researchinterests includeCAS, biomarkerdiscovery and development, and experimentaltherapeutics.Dr.Barker received her Ph.D. from theOhio State University.


Where Have All the Biomarkers Gone?

Biomarkers, widely viewed as the foundation for “precision medicine”, represent an unprecedented value proposition.  However, realizing this value has proven elusive.  Although thousands of biomarkers are reported as “discovered” - very few receive regulatory approval for clinical use. The presentation will focus on solutions to the the range of systemic problems that plague the field.   

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