Senior Vice President and General Manager of Genomics and Precision Medicine, Allscripts

Assaf Halevy, Senior Vice President/General Manager for precision medicine at Allscripts, brings extensive experience and deep insight into the development of emerging healthcare technologies. He leads a select team focused on assessing market potential of genomics and precision medicine solutions that promise to impact care delivery and patient outcomes.

Assaf joined Allscripts in 2013 as SVP of Business Development when the company acquired dbMotion, the foremost clinical integration/population health management platform in the industry today.


Precision Medicine in the Clinical Workflow

The promise of genomics/precision medicine can’t be fully realized unless relevant information is delivered to the point of care. Assaf Halevy will discuss the importance of enabling providers to match the right tests and protocols to the individual patient—to arrive at earlier, more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

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