M.D., VP of  Early Development, Strategy and Innovation, 

Dr. Salvado’s background training is in Hematology and Medical Oncology.  He spent time as a clinician scientist at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and was the Institute Director from 1993-1996.  He joined industry in 1996 and later joined Novartis in 2002.  His current role is US Vice President ofEarly Development, Strategy and Innovation .  He and his team are involved in both the medical and commercial strategies for compounds in early human studies within the US.  The particular focus for the team has primarily been molecularly targeted agents and immuno-oncology candidates.


Signature: Designed to Find the Right Patient

Signature is an adaptive signal finding trial design for early compounds that focuses upon the genetic dysregulation before the tumor histology.  This approach, combined with the concept of not pre specifying investigational sites, leads to rapid and efficient signal finding studies that may quickly match new drugs to appropriate patients.

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