Ph.D., Vice President of Research & Development, Toma Biosciences

As Vice President of R&D at TOMA Biosciences, Dr. So brings extensive experience, knowledge, and demonstrated success in developing and optimizing protocols for next-generation platforms in nucleic acid analysis. He also brings a passion for developing enabling technologies that can address fundamental questions about disease development. Prior to joining TOMA, Austin was an integral part of the assay research and development team that brought QuantaLife’s droplet digital PCR platform to market and played a key role in validating Bio-Rad’s QX-100 droplet digital PCR platform. Dr. So received an interdisciplinary PhD from University of British Columbia. He earned his MSc in physiology at the University of Toronto and a BSc at the University of Waterloo.


Genomic Cancer Diagnostic in a Community Hospital

Healthcare system, Intermountain Health, integrated the TOMA genome technology into their routing cancer diagnostic workflow when Toma’s technology identified in 80% of cases actionable results; helped double Progression Free Survival rate in a 76 patient study; proofed 100% reimbursement success with Medicare; and sample mass of just 1ng DNA (including from plasma).

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