Ph.D., Founder and CEO, INanoBio

Bharath Takulapalli is the Founder and CEO of INanoBio, which is developing a high-accuracy, $100 nanopore-based genome sequencer. Challenging the accepted norm that DNA needs to be slowed down in nanopore sequencing, Dr.Takulapalli was first to propose a contrarian approach. He posited that a more effective strategy is to develop a sensor which operates at higher frequencies and invented an ultrafast nanosensor technology to achieve this. Once developed INanoBio’s sequencer will have transformative impact in the areas of personalized medicine, food production and bio fuels. Dr.Takulapalli received his bachelor’s from IIT Madras, India and his PhD from Arizona State University.


Developing High Accuracy Nanopore Sequencer for $100 Genome

At INanoBio we are developing a low-cost high-accuracy nanopore sequencer capable of sequencing the whole genome in 15 minutes for $100. Our proprietary nanopore-transistor device combines field effect sensing with nanopore technology. In addition to personalized medicine, it will have transformative impact on food production, synthetic biology and alternate energy.

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