Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Houston Methodist research Institute

Dr. Biana Godin obtained her degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) and a postdoctoral training in nanomedicine at the UTHSC, Houston. She is now an Assistant Professor of Nanomedicine in Houston Methodist Research Institute, holding also Adjunct Assistant Professor positions at UTHSC-GSBS and University of Houston (Electrical/ Computer Engineering). Dr. Godin has > 150 publications including peer-reviewed articles in top-ranked journals (Nature Nanotechnology, Cancer Research, ACS Nano,etc.). Her work, focusing on the use nanomedicine for benefiting oncology and Ob/Gyn patients, was featured in NIH-director blog. Dr. Godin serves as PI/co-PI on several NIH-funded and other grants.


Personalization of Tumor Therapy Using Biophysical Markers

Therapeutic response is influenced by the drug diffusion in the tumor microenvironment and the nature of the organ. Thus, drug transport in primary and metastatic lesions of the same tumor drastically differs. This presentation focuses on biophysical markers of the tumor, useful in personalization of molecular- and nano-therapeutics design.

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