President & CEO, NanoString Technologies

R. Bradley Gray has served as a member of the Board of Directors and as President and CEO of NanoString since June 2010. Prior to joining our company, Mr. Gray held various positions at Genzyme Genetics, including VP of Product & Business Development, VP of Business & Strategic Development, and Director of Corporate Development. Prior to Genzyme, Mr. Gray was a healthcare management consultant for McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. He received a B.A. in Economics and Management from Oxford University, where he studied as a British Marshall Scholar, and an S.B. in Chemical Engineering from MIT.


Powering Precision Oncology with 3D Biology

Precision oncology requires assays that maximize the clinically actionable information unlocked from tiny tissue samples.  3D Biology™ assays, which measure any combination of DNA, RNA, & protein simultaneously on a single system, address this challenge and are currently being introduced into research, with an initial focus on immuno-oncology.

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