Global Marketing Director, 
Health and Life Sciences, Intel

Bryce Olson is the Global Marketing Director of Health and Life Sciences at Intel.  He is an expert in bringing technology and science together in the exciting area of genomics and personalized medicine with a powerful message on how this saves lives. As a cancer survivor plugged into the cutting edge of care, he is living it.  Armed with genomic sequencing data pinpointing the mutations that drove his cancer growth, he got access to a clinical trial testing a drug that inhibits those same mutations.  For the past year his cancer has been shut down with very little side effects. 

Collaborative Cancer Care: Unlocking Data

With 96% of patient data locked in each individual hospital today, the insights available for any given doctor are too limiting.  Bryce’s talk will highlight how a new era of personalized care will come, but only if we connect up the institutions and enable them to collaboratively analyze the collective patient data sets.

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