Founder and CEO, Base4

Cameron Frayling, Founder and CEO of Base4, has spent the last 6 years building a team of the brightest scientists working next to, and in collaboration with, the Cavendish Labs in Cambridge, UK. His approach has focussed on hiring not only the brightest and most academically decorated, but also the most intellectually creative young talent. Together with this exceptional team, he has gone on to develop not one, but two new approaches to DNA sequencing. He and his team are now focussed on the transformation of their technology into instruments which will power the next era of genetic analysis. In his spare time, Cameron competes in Ironman triathlons and climbs mountains.


Single Molecule Sequencing with Microdroplets

Base4 has developed a completely novel method of single-molecule DNA sequencing. The technique allows for both short and long read lengths, direct readout of methylation, simple instrumentation, low reagent volumes, and unparalleled control over the input sample. This method could be the most accurate single-molecule sequencing technology developed to date.

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