Ph.D., President & CEO, Moleculera Labs

Shimasaki is a scientist, businessperson and serial entrepreneur with more than 31 years’ experience in the biotechnology industry, starting his career at Genentech. He co-founded three companies, including Moleculera Labs, which provides a unique testing panel to identify children suffering from a treatable neurologic autoimmune condition called PANDAS/PANS. This revenue-generating clinical lab model discovers both diagnostic and therapeutic target identification for other infection-triggered autoimmune CNS disorders. Shimasaki has taken five products through the FDA 510(k) process, and has authored two books on biotechnology entrepreneurship.


Molecular Mimicry and Infections Causing CNS Disorders

Over 60 million Americans suffer from neurologic or mental disorders whose symptoms are treated with neuropsychiatric drugs, yet their condition persists. Our unique business model identifies both diagnostic and therapeutic CNS disorder targets through our revenue-generating CLIA laboratory, having thousands of informed consented specimens from underlying autoimmune CNS conditions attacking the brain.

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