Engineering Director, Google

David is an engineering director at Google, currently helping life science organizations use Google's Cloud Platform to accelerate and scale their work with big data. His previous projects at Google include creating and leading the Google+ Platform team, overseeing the company's developer-facing offerings, and leading product and infrastructure teams for Google Apps. Prior to joining Google in 2006, he successfully started two companies: Verity in 1988 (IPO 1995), which did full-text search, and Eloquent in 1995 (IPO 2000), which used rich media to power business communications. Eloquent was later acquired by Open Text, an enterprise software firm, where David served as CTO. David grew up in Massachusetts, where he earned a BS in physics from MIT.


Session: Large Scale Sequencing and Analysis

It is expected that routine clinical sequencing and the accompanying analyses are soon going beyond gene panels and will include extensive exome and whole genome sequencing. This will result in large amounts of sequence data that needs to be stored, analyzed, and made accessible for future interrogations. In order to achieve this, a scalable and powerful computational infrastructure has to be in place in addition to technologies and tools that support the evaluation of this data in the context of human diseases, both in a research and clinical setting.

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