Ph.D., Scientific Director, UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute, University of California, Santa Cruz

David Haussler develops new statistical and algorithmic methods to explore the molecular function, evolution, and disease process in the human genome, integrating comparative and high-throughput genomics data to study gene structure, function, and regulation. He recently co-founded the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Project to enable international comparison of childhood cancer genomes, and is a co-founder of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH), a coalition of the top research, health care, and disease advocacy organizations that have taken the first steps to standardize and enable secure sharing of genomic and clinical data.


Session: Data Solutions in Clinical Genomics

Genome-based biomedical research projects have yielded a spectacular number of insights from the first tens of thousands of sequenced genomes. However, at the molecular level, most disease is rare disease, and tens of thousands of genomes is not sufficient to fully understand it. Millions of genomes will be required, and these can only come from normal clinical practice. Groups such as the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health have been formed to address this problem. In this session we discuss the promise and challenge of sharing data from clinical sequencing with research projects.

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