MBA, Ph.D., SVP & CSO, Caris Life Sciences

Dr. Spetzler joined the Caris scientific team in August of 2009, where he currently leads the Research and Development division of Caris. His executive and scientific oversight of the R&D team is focused on the development of clinical assays to aid in the creation of precision medicine strategies for individual cancer patients, as well as noninvasive technologies to identify and predict early stage cancer. Prior to his position at Caris, Dr. Spetzler was a member of the research faculty at Arizona State University where he developed multiplexed nanotechnologies for detection of nucleic acid and protein targets and novel methods of using DNA to create biological computers. At Arizona State University Dr. Spetzler earned an MS from the School of Mathematical and Statistical Science in Computational Bioscience, a PhD in Molecular Cellular Biology, and an MBA. He has published numerous research articles, is an adjunct faculty member of the molecular cellular biology program at Arizona State University, been a scientific and commercial reviewer for SBIR/STTR grants for NSF, and is an author on more than twenty patents.


Protein-complexes on Exosomes Enable Liquid Biopsy

Adaptive Dynamic Artificial Poly-ligand Targeting (ADAPT) Biotargeting system, facilitates high feature analysis of circulating protein complexes. A novel exosome based signature that aids in the detection of breast cancer is discussed. In principle, ADAPT can be applied to unravel differences in any biological source to enable unprecedented multiplexed target discovery.

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