M.D., Ph.D., Research Associate, Oregon Health & Science University

Ms. Denmark completed the Medical Scientist Training Program at Oregon Health & Science University in 2011 with a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Behavioral Genetics. Supported by an NIH fellowship, her work focused on understanding genetic vulnerability to complex neuropsychiatric disease and involved precision medicine technologies including behavioral, genomics, protein biochemistry, and systems-based network bioinformatics. She serves as a Research Associate in systems neurogenetics at OHSU, Assistant Professor in Healthcare Design at Pacific Northwest College of Art and as a consultant with Metabolon on the clinical translation of metabolomics, informed by her experience over the last four years as a patient with undiagnosed illness.


A Patient Post-Doc in Precision Medicine

Four months after completing M.D./Ph.D. training at OHSU, Dr. Denmark underwent a root canal while traveling in New Zealand. Three months later, she could hardly get out of bed. After a three-year diagnostic odyssey involving multiple specialists, procedures, and untargeted treatments, metabolomics is finally shedding some light.

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