Ph.D., Principal Scientist at Seven Bridges Genomics

Dr. Devin Locke studied human and evolutionary structural variation in Dr. Evan Eichler’s lab, followed by postdoctoral studies in several NGS application areas under Dr. Elaine Mardis at the McDonnell Genome Institute.  He led the Orangutan Genome Project, and was part of the first team to perform whole genome tumor/normal sequencing using NGS techniques.  At Seven Bridges, he works in all three major areas of the company, including Product Development, Research and Development and Strategic Partnerships.


Discovery in Millions of Genomes

This year will likely see the millionth whole human genome getting sequenced. However, we have yet to figure out how to mine this vast amount of data efficiently. This talk outlines three key elements for data-mining millions of: co-locating computation and data, bringing algorithms to data, and innovative data structures.

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