Ph.D., Manager, Precision Medicine Initiatives, GNS Healthcare

Dr. Diane Wuest develops strategic relationships with precision medicine partners to develop and commercialize computer models capable of elucidating disease mechanisms, advancing drug discovery and development, and improving patient care. Diane manages ongoing alliances and leverages internal analytic and product development teams to implement company-wide initiatives. Prior to GNS Healthcare, Diane worked at Genentech and obtained a Ph.D. in chemical and biomolecular engineering from the University of Delaware. Diane holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Cornell University.


Multimodal Data Analytics Accelerate Actionable Insights

Mining multimodal datasets (‘omics, clinical, medical, claims, EHR, registries, etc.) with hypothesis-free, causal, machine learning modeling unlocks the knowledge within complex data, enabling personalized, actionable predictions and precision targeting of interventions. Simulations of the models asking “what if” questions generate biomarker discovery, patient stratification, mechanism of action understanding, therapeutic target identification, and comparative effectiveness.

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