Ph.D., Associate Director, QB3

Douglas Crawford’s goal is to help entrepreneurial scientists create successful startups to meet California’s needs for better health, a sustainable environment, and economic growth—particularly jobs. To this end, Crawford and his colleagues have systematically lowered the barriers between great ideas and successful companies. For instance, Crawford created and manages the first incubator within the University of California, the QB3 [email protected] The QB3 incubator program has now grown to five sites and 62 companies, and he has created a partnership to build a new 24,000 square foot life-science incubator in Mission Bay. More recently, QB3 created a program to help entrepreneurs create companies to pursue government grants and private funding. In the first 23 months this program has helped launch 146 companies, 31 of which are already operational. Crawford is also a founder and managing director of Mission Bay Capital, an $11.3M seed-stage venture fund that makes pivotal early-stage investments in bioscience companies. He is a board member of Atreca (observer), Circle Pharma, Delpor, Magnamosis, Magnap, Ocular Dynamics, and Zephyrus. Crawford received his PhD in biochemistry from UCSF.


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