M.D., CMO, Mitra Biotech

Eric K. Rowinsky, M.D, focuses on the comprehensive development and registration of novel cancer therapeutics and diagnostics of all types, and supports Mitra Biotech as its Chief Medical Officer.  Formerly, Dr. Rowinsky was the Chief Medical Officer and Head of Development at ImClone Systems, Inc, and the Head of Research and Development and Chief Medical Officer at Stemline Therapeutics, Inc.  He is currently the Executive Chairman and President of RGenix, Inc., and serves on the Board of Directors of Navidea, Fortress Biotech, and Biogen Inc.   Dr. Rowinsky received his M.D. from Vanderbilt University, and completed his residency in internal medicine at the University of California, San Diego and a fellowship in medical oncology at Johns Hopkins.


Systems Biology Approach to Predicting Response to Cancer Therapeutics

Mitra Biotech's CANScript platform predicts a patient’s response to cancer therapeutics by simulating the complexity of the disease ex vivo, especially by preserving the microenvironment and measuring multiple relevant parameters.   Published results indicate a high correlation between the results achieved with the platform and clinical outcome across multiple types of cancer and therapeutics (90% positive predictive value, 100% negative predictive value in colorectal and head and neck cancers).

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