Ph.D., Director of Scientific Affairs, Bio-Rad

Dr. Karlin-Neumann trained in molecular genetics at both UCLA and Stanford and is now the Director of Scientific Affairs at Bio-Rad’s Digital Biology Center, formerly Quantalife.  There he is helping drive the research and clinical adoption of droplet digital PCR through collaborations and internal research programs, especially in cancer liquid biopsy.  


Droplet Digital PCR: Ally in the Care of Cancer and Other Diseases

The richness of physiological information in cell-free DNA & RNA is being mined for early detection and treatment in cancer, transplant health, Type I diabetes and other disease states.  The high sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility of Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital PCR technology, as well as its rapid turnaround time and affordability, have led to its explosive uptake in clinical investigations especially for cancer.

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