M.D., Chief Medical Officer, CollabRx, Consulting Professor of Pathology, Stanford

As Editor-at-Large for Medscape, Dr. Lundberg delivers to readers his informed perspective on up-to-the minute issues affecting healthcare and the practice of medicine. In addition to his work with Medscape, he serves as Editor-in-Chief and Chief Medical Officer for CollabRx, as President and Chair of the Board of Directors of The Lundberg Institute, and as a consulting professor at Stanford University. Dr. Lundberg has more than 30 years' combined experience as Editor-in-Chief of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), the 10 AMA specialty journals, AM News, Medscape, The Medscape Journal of Medicine, eMedicine from WebMD, and MedPage Today from Everyday Health. He was called a medical Internet “pioneer” in 1995. A frequent lecturer and radio and television guest, and a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, the Industry Standard dubbed Dr. Lundberg “Online Healthcare's Medicine Man” in 2000.


Session: The Role of Practicing Pathologists in Personalized Medicine

Human pathologists are the bridge between the laboratory and the clinician. A laboratory test begins with the idea of performing such a test and ends after the interpretation of the final result has produced an action with an outcome. Precision (personalized) medicine is a sophisticated expression of advanced clinical laboratory testing. Best practices dictate that a physician chooses the right test on the right patient at the right time and that the result benefits the patient.

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