JR., M.D., Professor, Division Chief, Stanford University Medical Center

Dr. George W. Sledge, Jr., M.D. is Professor and Chief of Medical Oncology at Stanford University Medical Center. Dr. Sledge served as a Ballve-Lantero Professor of Oncology of Medicine and Pathology of Indiana University School of Medicine. He served as Co-Director of the breast cancer program at the Indiana University Cancer Center, where he was a Professor of Medicine and Pathology at the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center. Dr. Sledge specializes in the study and treatment of breast cancer and directed the first large, nationwide study on the use of paclitaxel to treat advanced breast cancer. His recent research focuses on novel biologic treatments for breast cancer. He served as a Professor of Indiana University Cancer Center Breast Cancer Program. He has also served as the chair of ASCO's Education Committee, as a member of the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program's Integration Panel, as a member of the Food and Drug Administration's Oncology Drug Advisory Committee (ODAC), and as a member of the External Advisory Committee for The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project. Dr. Sledge was awarded the Hope Funds for Cancer Research 2013 Award of 'Excellence for Medicine'. He holds a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin and an M.D. from Tulane University.


Session: New Drug Discovery in Oncology: Faster, Cheaper and Better

In the next 3-7 years we're on track to develop personalized cancer therapeutics that have significantly improved efficacy and safety. With the near-precipitous drop in assay and sequencing costs, the emergence of immuno-oncology, the tipping point for big data, more adaptive clinical trial design, and modernization of the FDA, these improved therapeutics will also emerge at a faster speed and be offered at more competitive prices. In this session you will hear multiple viewpoints on this phenomenon from the panel including perspectives from medical oncology, pharma, regulatory and the patient advocate.

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