DrPH, Vice President for Clinical Development, GeneCentric

Dr. Hawazin Faruki has over 15 years experience in clinical molecular diagnostics. She joined GeneCentric’s executive team as Vice President of Clinical Development in 2014 following a similar role at LabCorp, where Dr. Faruki lead the successful introduction of many molecular-based diagnostics including companion diagnostics.


Cancer Dx

Genomic Tumor Profiling – Advancing Beyond Gene Mutations

GeneCentric’s proprietary core technology, Cancer Subtype Platform (CSPTM), combines elegant statistical methods with multiple genomic features, to provide unique tumor profiling with unprecedented insight into the biological characteristics of tumors. GeneCentric’s first product, LSPTM identifies lung cancer tumor subtypes with greater clarity than has ever been possible with morphology-based methods and is offered under license by LabCorp as HistoPlusSM: Lung Cancer. Prognostic and predictive applications of LSP are in development.  With its pharmaceutical and laboratory partners, GeneCentric is changing the taxonomy of lung cancer and other cancers to improve drug selection, clinical trial design, and treatment planning. 

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