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M.D., SVP, Translational Medicine, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Dr. Kirsch is a pediatric oncologist who spent over 20 years at the NCI as a basic researcher, attending physician, and, ultimately, Chief of the Genetics Branch within the Center for Cancer Research. The research interests of Dr. Kirsch have been focused on cancer specific genetic instability and cancer genetics.  In 2005 Dr. Kirsch joined the biotech/pharma company, Amgen, as an Executive Director heading the Oncology Research group at Amgen Washington in Seattle. Dr. Kirsch currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Translational Medicine, Adaptive Biotechnologies, Seattle, Washington and South San Francisco, California.


Immunosequencing in the Service of Immune-Oncology

Immunosequencing is the enumeration, specification and quantification of every B- and/or T-cell in a sample.  It assesses the level and distribution of all the clonal lymphocytes and allows “tracking” of any clone(s) over time or from tissue to tissue within a given patient. It provides new insights in immune-oncology.

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