Ph.D., MBChB, Director, Centre for Personalised Medicine, University of Oxford

Ingrid Slade is a public health physician with a background in clinical and molecular genetics.  Ingrid works at the Ethox Centre, University of Oxford, and focuses on issues arising in the implementation and integration of genomic medicine across the national healthcare setting. In this work she explores themes of resource allocation/priority setting, the role of commercialisation and the application of public health ethics to clinical genomic medicine.  Ingrid leads the Ethical Analysis of Key Concepts sub-domain, 100,000 Genomes Project; she is on the Programme Committee of the Mainstreaming Cancer Genetics Programme and she was the founding Director of the Centre for Personalised Medicine, University of Oxford. 


Collecting Genomic Data - Is a New Ethical Approach Required?

Personalised medicine increasingly employs a population perspective in the integration of genomic data within healthcare systems.  However, contemporary accounts of ethics and genomics lag behind, focussing on the best interests of individuals and their families. Might an account built upon public health ethics, which emphasises the balance between protecting and promoting the health of populations, whilst avoiding individual harm, be more suited to the assessment of clinical genomic practice?

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