M.D., PH.D., Founder and CSO, RealTime Oncology

Istvan and the other co-founder Richard Schwab shared the vision that cancer patients should immediately access all information on any treatment possibilities, and we have to learn from each case. In 2003, when they founded the company, they were among the first to treat an EGFR mutant lung cancer patient based on molecular evidence prospectively, and proved the significance of EGFR mutations as independent predictive biomarkers. Istvan received MD/PhD at Semmelweis University, Budapest. He was a Fulbright fellow in St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis. Istvan continues today an active research on predictive molecular pharmacology of signal transduction therapies.


Learning & Ranking of Treatment Options in Precision Oncology

RealTime oncology calculator is a proprietary online decision support system, which can be used by thousands of healthcare professionals at the same time to rank therapies based on clinical experience of other users, to select diagnostic tests, interpret results, and base decisions on both published evidence and real-life experience.

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