Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO, Data4Cure

Janusz co-founded Data4Cure with the goal to change how we acquire, integrate and apply biomedical data towards development of new therapies. He has a background in mathematics and computer science and has been working in business intelligence and operational research before transitioning to computational biology for his PhD and postdoc. Before founding Data4Cure, he was a scientist at the University of California, San Diego where he developed methods for multiscale network analysis and cancer biomarker discovery from large omics data. He has co-authored 20 research papers published in acclaimed scientific journals including Nature Biotechnology, Science and Cell and has been a speaker at numerous international conferences and scientific meetings. 


Learning As We Go: Updating Biomedical Knowledge From Data

Clinical and biomedical research programs generate a lot of new data but not always new knowledge. Emerging technologies for continuous integration and learning from heterogeneous collections of molecular and clinical data offer the ability to extract robust insights and update knowledge around molecular biomarkers, disease subtypes, and targeted therapies.

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