Ph.D. CSO, CEO & Chairman Invivoscribe, Inc.

Jeffrey Miller, Ph.D. has two decades of experience with personalized molecular medicine®. He founded Invivoscribe® in 1995 without outside investment. The company is a highly profitable vertically integrated international network of six wholly-owned ISO13485 manufacturing and ISO15189 clinical testing companies. They are located in the U.S., Europe and Asia and operate under a single quality and regulatory system. The companies offer GMP test reagents, internationally harmonized clinical testing, and CRO services for stratification of patients for treatment and enrollment in clinical trials. Dr. Miller received his undergraduate degree in biochemistry from UCLA, and a combined Ph.D. in biochemistry & molecular biology from UCSB.


Clonality & MRD Testing in Clinical Practice

Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) testing by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has demonstrated the potential to optimize therapeutic management of patients with lymphoproliferative disease. Several clinical studies suggest identification and tracking the level of tumor- and patient-specific clonotypes can predict success or failure of treatment regimens, including allogeneic transplants.

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