Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, Inova

Dr. Vockley brings 25 years of experience in academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology CROs and government research to his roles as COO and CSO. He has vast expertise is in the fields of genetics, genomics, molecular diagnostics, bioinformatics and large program management. 

Dr. Vockley is an operations-oriented manager and scientist. He is inventor on numerous US and international genomic and bioinformatic patents in the areas of DNA diagnostics, laboratory methods for microarray analysis, gene discoveries and bioinformatic tool development. His basic research interests are in the fields of cancer and inborn errors of metabolism. 

Previously, Dr. Vockley was director of the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Genome Atlas project. He has held the positions of chief scientific officer, vice president of research, director of genomics and director of bioinformatics.


Good Biobanking Is Hard

Patient samples are a precious commodity for research. The processes for collecting, processing and banking samples are critical to sample quality. Many existing biobanks are near useless for genomic and proteomic research. There are no universal standards that include tissue-specific surgical and laboratory protocols for Biobanking, laboratory protocols for biomolecule isolation and storage, and the IT systems that collect important sample information. Biomarker discovery is dependent on high quality biobanking methods.

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