Ph.D., CEO & Co-founder, Sophia Genetics

Jurgi Camblong is a young entrepreneur whose training was in biochemistry and molecular biology. He holds a PhD in Life Sciences (University of Geneva) and an EMBA in Management of Technology (EPFL-HEC Lausanne). In 2010, he entered the start-up scene, becoming the CEO of Gene Predictis SA. In 2011, he founded Sophia Genetics SA with Dr. Pierre Hutter and Prof. Lars Steinmetz. Since then he has been successfully leading the development of the company.


Towards Data Driven Medicine: Europe Shows the Way

This talk will highlight the pragmatism of European hospitals (over 100) that already help 20k patients this year by using a strong solution that allows them to better and faster diagnose people. It is managed as a Community, the World Largest Clinical Genomics Community that promotes knowledge sharing.

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