Ph.D., Vice President, Research and Development, Transgenomic, Inc

Dr. Richardson holds an SB degree in Life Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a PhD in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology from Iowa State University. Prior to joining Transgenomic, she worked for eight years as a scientist with OSI Pharmaceuticals, where she specialized in molecular biology research and development in the area of oncology. Previously Dr. Richardson was with Eli Lilly and Company for nine years as a senior toxicologist specializing in genetic toxicology and molecular carcinogenesis. At Eli Lilly, Dr. Richardson was part of the group that identified the link between the BRCA-1 gene and hereditary breast cancer.


The Use of Multiplexed ICE COLD-PCR Coupled to Multiple Downstream Analysis Platforms

The use of “liquid biopsies”, where limited or no tumor tissue is available, is increasingly important for molecular demographics, diagnostics and pharmacodynamic monitoring of patients during therapy. The combination of MX-ICP with many different downstream analysis platforms means that efficient detection of alterations at ≤0.01% in samples is feasible for most laboratories. Increased sensitivity using less DNA enables monitoring and detection of alterations in the low volumes of liquid biopsies for patient treatment, monitoring and surveillance.

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