MS, General Manager Life Sciences and Analytics, Intel

Ketan Paranjape is the General Manager Life Sciences at Intel Corporation.  His role involves developing business, markets, strategies, policies and solutions for the health and life sciences industry. In his 18 years at Intel, he has been part of products from servers to IoT devices in roles encompassing architecture, R&D, strategy, planning, sales and marketing. Ketan has worked at Medtronics on Implantable Devices and Fujitsu on Hospital Information Systems. He has received M.S degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and MBA from the University of Oregon where he was the class valedictorian. He recently completed the Stanford Executive Program and teaches regularly at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Session: Genomic Centers

Ever wonder what happens at genomic centers with cutting-edge research facilities, diverse services, and state of the art technologies? How do they keep up with perennial challenges in security, storage, collaboration, scalability and much more, and prepare themselves to handle the shift from research to clinically actionable data to truly realize the vision of personalized medicine? Come learn from the experts at Mount Sinai, Sanger Institute, Broad, UCSF and Stratified Medicine on how they are leading the charge.

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