Ph.D., Director of Bioinformatics, Immunexpress

Leo holds degrees in molecular genetics, computational science, innovation management and artificial intelligence. Leo has worked applying machine learning and novel algorithmic approaches to complex and noisy data across a range of sciences including math research, engineering, statistics and computational biology. Immunexpress is pioneering management of sepsis using host response markers to diagnose, predict and monitor the interactions between pathogens and human patients.


Infectious Disease Diagnosis Using SeptiCyte® Gene Signature

Over 80% of suspected blood-stream infections in hospital lack confirmatory laboratory diagnostic evidence based on pathogen detection in blood culture. An alternative approach is to use the patient’s own immune system, which responds specifically and sensitively to the presence of pathogens and molecules from pathogens. Immunexpress SeptiCyte® technology measures the host immune response to more rapidly, sensitively and accurately diagnose patients with life-threatening infections, thus enabling better clinical outcomes and cost savings.

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