Jr, M.D., Associate Professor of Oncology, Johns Hopkins

Dr. Luis Diaz is a leading authority in oncology, having pioneered several genomic diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for cancer. He is an attending physician at the Johns Hopkins Hospital where he specializes in the treatment of advanced pancreatic and colorectal cancers.  He is a member of the Ludwig Center for Cancer Genetics and Therapeutics where he directs translational medicine and is the Director of the Swim Across America Lab. His research has involved the clinical development of tumor-derived DNA as a biomarker for cancer screening, early detection, monitoring and measurement of early residual disease.


Liquid Biopsy Approaches for Characterizing Cancer Genomes

Analyses of cancer genomes have revealed mechanisms underlying tumorigenesis and new avenues for therapeutic and diagnostic intervention. In this presentation, I will discuss characterization of cancer genome landscapes, challenges in translating these analyses to the clinic, and new technologies that have emerged to analyze molecular alterations in the circulation of cancer patients.

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