Executive Chairman, GenePeeks

Mara Aspinall is a healthcare industry leader. Aspinall is the former President and CEO of Ventana Medical Systems. Ventana, member of Roche Group. Previously, Aspinall spent 12 years with Genzyme Corporation where she was President of Genzyme Genetics and of Genzyme Pharmaceuticals. Aspinall has spearheaded initiatives to educate policymakers about genomics and personalized medicine. Aspinall also founded DxInsights and EPEMED - European Personalized Medicine Association. Aspinall is Director of Safeguard Scientific (NYSE:SFE). She was formerly Director of BCBS Massachusetts, Dana Farber and HHS Secretary’s Advisory Council on Genetics under Obama and Bush. Aspinall has written several articles and case studies and named one of “100 Most Inspiring People in Life Sciences” by PharmaVOICE.


The Role of Algorithms in Clinical Diagnostics: from Patenting to Reimbursement

Diagnostics is an Information Business with a Wet Lab on the side. Diagnostic companies will be hiring more software majors than biochemistry majors. Diagnostic algorithms will define the next generation of diagnostic tests. How these algorithms are developed, validated, approved and reimbursed will be the central question of our industry for the foreseeable future.

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