Ph.D., MBA, Founder and CEO, NextGxDx, Inc.

Drawing on a background in molecular biology and technology commercialization, Mark founded NextGxDx to bring efficiency and transparency to the growing field of genetic testing.  He leads a dynamic team of software engineers, data scientists and clinicians who are dedicated to overcoming the practical and systemic challenges associated with the effective use of genetic testing.  

Deeply involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Mark is a mentor for the JumpStart Foundry accelerator program and an advisor for several startup companies.  

Before founding NextGxDx, Mark planned a Next Generation Sequencing platform for Athena Diagnostics. He earned his PhD (Cancer Biology) and an MBA from Vanderbilt University.


Efficiency and Transparency in Genetic Diagnostics 

Genetic testing is the lynchpin of precision medicine, but the complexity is enormous. Almost 60,000 testing products now exist, and clinicians are left to untangle the confusion. Meanwhile, regulation, coding and billing challenges mount. Mark will share lessons from indexing the entire genetic testing market and building tools for labs, hospitals and payers. 

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