M.D., VP, Research and Development, Sequenom

Prior to his current position, Dr. Ehrich served as Sr. Director, Research and Development. Dr. Ehrich joined Sequenom in 2001 in the company's Hamburg, Germany offices, subsequently he served in various scientific and management roles within the Sequenom R&D department. His contributions include the development of a high throughput quantitative DNA methylation analysis method as well as a panel for the characterization for somatic mutations. Before joining Sequenom, Dr. Ehrich worked as a resident in the neonatal intensive care unit in the Childrens Hospital of Altona, Hamburg. Dr. Ehrich received his MD in from the University of Hamburg where he focused the anti-oxidative properties of vitamins in Thalassemia patients.


Expanding NIPT to the Whole Genome

Advances in NIPT technology have been harnessed to enable wider and deeper insight across the whole genome. All chromosomes can now be analyzed, providing karyotype level acumen to the clinician.

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