Matthew Cooper, Ph.D., DABT, MBA is currently the Chief Scientific Officer at Progenity. He was previously the CEO and Founder of Carmenta Bioscience before Progenity acquired the company. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Preeclampsia Foundation and is an advisor to several life science companies, StartX, SPARK (Stanford), and the Lean LaunchPad (UCSF). Prior to Carmenta, Matthew served as CSO at Syapse, in addition to stints at Roche and Biogen.


Seed Round to Exit in 18 Months: Lessons Learned from Carmenta Bioscience

Early stage, diagnostics companies continue to face headwinds in fund raising and value growth. Matthew Cooper, the former CEO and Founder of Carmenta Bioscience, will share his insights into how Carmenta was able to successfully navigate these waters and provide tips on how other diagnostic start-ups can do the same.

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