M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Surgery and Director of the Translational Transplant Research Program, UCSF

Minnie Sarwal has over 30 years of clinical experience and 25 years of research experience in translational immunogenetics, genomics, proteomics and informatics. She holds a PhD in Molecular Genetics from Cambridge University, under the mentorship of Nobel Laureate Sydney Brenner; a Diploma in Child Health from London, UK; Membership of the Royal College of Physicians and elected Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, UK.


The SORT Assay for Diagnosis of Organ Transplant Rejection

High dimensional data discovery in peripheral blood has identified a novel subset of 17 genes (called the solid organ response test or SORT) that by computational modeling define an immune risk score for acute rejection in the organ transplant. The SORT assay can detect both kidney (kidney SORT; kSORT)  and heart (cardiac SOR;  cSORT) rejection, weeks to months prior to organ transplant functional decline. Utilizing SORT for serial 3-4 monthly blood sampling after an organ transplant provides a novel method for detecting and treating immune activation and graft injury and can thus provide a trigger for early therapeutic  intervention to limit graft injury and extend transplant life.

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