Product Manager & Senior Data Scientist, InterpretOmics

Mohamood Adhil is a product manager and senior data scientist at InterpretOmics. His role at interpretOmics include planning, algorithm development and operations for iOMICS clinical & Omnia products. He has rich understanding and knowledge about various omics and clinical data, that is being applied to the products for the cause of biomarker discovery. His products are centric to improve the drug discovery/clinical trial phase by combining biological/clinical data, mathematical models, computing and knowledge management. He holds a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology from Anna University and M.S in Life Science Informatics from University of Bonn, Germany. He has been working in interpretOmics for last three years.


Omics-based (CDx)-drug-(Rx) Solution

Growing interest on targeted drugs specific to certain biomarkers are co-developed with a companion diagnostic (Cdx)-drug-(Rx). To address this massive demand, we need sophisticated software platforms like iOMICS clinical & Omnia that contain cutting edge features like (i) Knowledge management (ii) Multi-omics data analysis and integration with clinical attributes (iii) Algorithms for biomarker discovery and molecular based stratification (iv) Curated genetic and pathway knowledge base.

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