Ph.D., Senior Director of Scientific Engagement and Public Outreach, New York Genome Center

After training at Stanford, the University of Chicago, and the University of Michigan, he served as Senior Director of Science and Research at Knome, and as Principal Genome Scientist at QIAGEN, where he teamed with colleagues to build and use software for interpreting human genomes, in order to better understand health, drug response, and other traits. Nathan has also worked with genome-curious individuals, including historian Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and singer Ozzy Osbourne. In this spirit, he founded the Empowered Genome Community, which helps citizen-scientists make their genomes scientifically useful; and, where he writes on the promise and challenges of the coming era of genomically informed living.


Why We Should Classify Genotypes, Not Variants

150 years after Mendel first probed heritability, we risk forgetting his main finding, in rushing to broaden clinical genomics toward lifelong care for all. Embracing that insight now — as we long have in tracking the chemistry of health — can help gird our health infrastructure for the long haul.

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