M.B.A., President and CEO, Helomics

Neil Campbell serves as President and CEO of Helomics™. He is also an Advisor to HealthCare Royalty Partners; Chairman for Mosaigen® Corporation; Chairman for KidsRgenius®; and Senior Research Fellow at University of Liverpool in the U.K. Formerly, Mr. Campbell was Chairman for Child Health Research Institute, (CureKids®); President, CEO and Co-Founder of SuperNova Diagnostics®; General Partner for Endeavour Capital; President & COO/CEO for EntreMed Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ENMD); and Senior Director of Commercial Development for Celera Genomics (NASDAQ:CRA). Additionally, Mr. Campbell held General & Executive Management positions at Life Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIFE); IGEN, Inc., acquired by Roche (NASDAQ:IGEN); and Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT). Mr. Campbell is pursuing a Doctorate from the University of Liverpool in the U.K. and earned his M.B.A. and M.A. from Webster University and his B.S. from Norwich University in the U.S.


Comprehensive Tumor Profiling: Its more than Genes

This presentation will discuss the benefits of comprehensive tumor profiling of a patient’s sample through understanding the full complement of genomics, proteomics, tumor biology characterization and functional assessment of drug mechanism sensitivity to a patient’s live proliferating tumor. Recent examples from the marketplace and literature will be highlighted.

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