Dr. Hugo who recently joined Q2 Solutions as Chief Scientific Officer, obtained his Ph.D. at McGill University and was Principal Investigator at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute. He later worked in several biotechnology companies as Executive Vice President R&D before moving to the Central lab industry. Dr. Hugo was the CSO of Clearstone Central Lab later acquired by LabCorp where he became the Associate Vice President and Chief Scientist for the Clinical Trials Division. He is author or co-author of over 75 scientific manuscripts and has over 20 years of biomarker experience.

Genomics Enhances Clinical Immuno-oncology Trials

The field of immuno-oncology is developing at an unprecedented rate, with information gleaned from scientific studies being reported and integrated into drug development almost in parallel. While this accelerated bench-to-bedside practice brings great opportunity, challenges emerge in the application of genomics to clinical trials. In this talk, we will discuss platforms and test services developed by Q2 Solutions scientists to enable translation of immuno-oncology genomics and how these are being successfully applied to currently clinical trials.

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