Ph.D., VP of Sales and Marketing, Twist Biosciences

Paddy has a strong track record of high-growth sales in bioreagent, B2B and custom manufacturing organizations. Before Twist Bioscience, Paddy served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Enzymatics. Prior to Enzymatics, Paddy held positions with increasing commercial focus, including Director of Business Development at Agilent Technologies, Director of Product Development for Beckman Coulter Molecular Diagnostics, and multiple technical roles in product development within Invitrogen and GE Healthcare/Amersham International. Paddy currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of Lasergen and holds a PhD in Nucleic Acid Chemistry from Southampton University and a BSc Hons in Chemistry from Heriot-Watt University.


Rewriting DNA Synthesis

The applications enabled by perfect DNA sequence from a highly scalable synthesis platform are limitless.  Twist Bioscience's innovative silicon-based platform is revolutionizing DNA synthesis. By miniaturizing reaction volumes by a factor of 1000, the platform delivers the power of scale, reducing price, turn-around time and delivering on quality. DNA, whether in the form of genes, ready-to-use oligonucleotide pools or variant libraries allow design on a grander scale while simplifying experiments by circumventing the need to clone, and ultimately accelerating discoveries.

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