Ph.D., Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Capella Bio

Pek Lum is the founder and CEO of Capella Bio (www., an early stage computational pharmaceutical company funded by leading VC firms. Previously, Pek was the Chief Data Scientist and VP of Product and Services at Ayasdi, an enterprise software company. Pek also spent 10 years at Rosetta/Merck.  Her work has been published in scientific journals such as Nature and Cell and she has patents in the area of drug discovery. Pek received her Ph.D. from University of Washington and her B.S. /M.S. from Hokkaido University, Japan.


Precise Medicines from Data

Capella Bio's mission is to bring precise medicine to every patient. Capella Bio uses data and algorithms to turn traditional drug discovery and development into a highly precise and data driven process at a scale not seen before in the industry. Capella Bio’s SMarTR engine integrates genomics, genetics and clinical phenotypes, dives deep into disease biology and identifies efficacious compounds with the least toxicity for patients at the sub-population level.

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